Node.js Unofficial Builds Project

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Builds are available at:

Build logs are available at:

This project is experimental: its output is not guaranteed to remain consistent and its existence is not guaranteed into the future. This project is in need of a community of maintainers to keep it viable. If you would like to join, please submit pull requests to improve the work here.

unofficial-builds attempts to provide basic Node.js binaries for some platforms that either not supported or only partially supported by Node.js. This project does not provide any guarantees and its results are not rigorously tested. Builds made available at have very high quality standards for code quality, support on the relevant platforms platforms and for timing and methods of delivery. Builds made available by unofficial-builds have minimal or no testing; the platforms may have no inclusion in the official Node.js test infrastructure. These builds are made available for the convenience of their user community but those communities are expected to assist in their maintenance.